Executive Management recruitment delay

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Executive Management recruitment delays and failure

Finding the right person

Executive Management recruitment delay

The recruitment need is urgent but just finding that elusive executive with the right mixture of experience, skills and personality takes between one to four months. Then you wait a frustrating three to six months whilst they serve their notice and the job still needs doing well in the meantime.

This gives a total delay of between four and ten months and still it is uncertain; will they change their mind at the last moment?

Common reasons for recruitment failure

  • The executive fails to achieve what is expected.
  • Their style doesn't fit the organisation or its culture.
  • The job doesn't match their expectations.
  • The upheaval of moving is too much for them or their family.

There must be a way to avoid this recruitment delay

There is, Interim Management with the option for permanent recruitment provides:

  1. An interim executive on board within 5 days; who has the expertise and experience required and will accept a permanent position if the opportunity is right for both parties.
  2. The luxury of achieving and measuring results before offering employment.
  3. The choice of offering the interim manager a permanent position or following the traditional recruitment process whilst avoiding business disruption and uncertainty.

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