Managing increased management workload

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Managing increased or severe fluctuations in management workload

Focus on results not activities

Today's work ethic dictates that to be recognised as successful, management must be hard working and busy. Yet executives should concentrate on 'the successful organisation and utilisation of resources to meet objectives'; and their true management workload will fluctuates wildly, dependant on the demands the organisation faces.

So when managers are under utilised, the cultural pressure is to remain busy and most ill-advisedly will take on treadmill or system maintenance activities; which should be organised and effectively delegated. Conversely when that all consuming new challenge inevitably arrives, their increased workload is now excessive because they are absorbed by the mundane, and busy with little time to delegate.

The alternative is a totally different mindset 'focus on results not activities,' value successful results, not activity.

This is not just good time management but relentlessly focuses effort on obtaining results; by investigating the influencing factors and finding the means to improve results. With management concentrating on being effective, not on being just busy fools. Those idle moments are not only cherished but essential, providing the time to investigate, think and plan how to improve. When your workload is heavy, only do the essential tasks which generate results, and then when time permits those which lead to improvement

Even exceptional management, especially in times of change will experience excessive fluctuations in workload which need to be addressed. Turn to interim management for immediate help and expertise.

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