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Gap in Management Resources

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These normally occur due to:

  1. Resignations, sickness or death and dismissals
  2. Planned absence due to vacation, secondment or maternity leave
  3. Recruitment delays
  4. Management or technical skill shortages
  5. Operational problems or increased workload

Whether unexpected or planned a gap in management resources can lead to unacceptable demands on the management team or distract individuals from their primary function and have serious effects on performance.

Interim management provides additional management resource when it's needed.

Applying interims for short periods is a powerful alternative to stretching your internal management resources. These sensibly overqualified professional are hands on, impartial, used to challenging situations & providing effective solutions; either full or part time depending upon need. When the job is completed there will be a smooth hand over and we are happy to provide a monitoring service if required.