Improving Business Performance - Efficiency and productivity

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Improving business performance - Efficiency and productivity

Become more efficient, competitive and profitable

The aim of improving performance is to become more efficient, competitive and profitable.

By a structured approach of:

  1. Measuring performance
  2. Identifying where improvements are needed
  3. Finding effective ways to achieve these, learning from others
  4. Involving your staff and implementing the required changes
  5. Monitoring and taking appropriate corrective action

This may involve.

  • Understanding your market and meeting Customer needs / expectations
  • Looking at and challenging fixed and variable costs
  • Business process reengineering
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity
    • Getting the best from your people, raising skill levels and attracting the right people
    • Improving methods and equipment
    • Eliminating waste
  • Improving co-operation with partners and suppliers
  • Product development
  • Etc.

The first step is to get a better understanding of your business, by measuring performance. Then identify potential improvements, detailing financial or other benefits and the resource needed. Involve your staff and deciding on a plan of action. Implement changes perhaps by utilising pilot studies first or a "many small steps" approach. Continued monitoring and corrective action will lead to success and avenues for further improvement.

If you need help, interim management can provide the expert resource and experience required to generate that vital performance improvement

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