Business Turnaround management

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Business Turnaround management

Rescue a business

Turnarounds involves saving a business and returning it to a stable financial position.

This requires a unique combination of leadership and ability to:

  1. Rapidly identify the primary causes of the potential financial failure.
  2. Expeditiously deal with problem areas.
  3. Prepare and successfully implement a workable rescue plan.

Unfortunately it is unlikely that the existing management would have the experience or skill set to lead this turnaround. A senior interim executive with a proven track record of managing businesses out of trouble or an interim management team can provide the resource needed for the under performing business.

Interim management can help turnaround a company when it is:

  • Losing money.
  • Has a serious cash-flow crisis
  • Needs to reduce overheads or help to survive.
  • Risks insolvency or is on the brink of receivership

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