Interim Project management

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Interim project management

Project success and management experience

Interim project management resources provided by PHS for all sectors of UK business.

The Project Managers we propose will have:

  • The background and experience consistent with the project needs
  • Leadership and strategic expertise, enabling them to overview the complete project and to work on the detail
  • The technical expertise to make sound technical decisions
  • Interpersonal competence, communication and people skills
  • Proven managerial ability with a track record of achievement

Expertise enabling:

  1. Profitability improvement - Efficiency and productivity
  2. Functional projects
  3. One off essential projects requiring full time commitment
  4. Realisation of business opportunities

We treat all information received from our Clients as confidential and only disclose information agreed with the client. We provide a short list of two or three, the candidates being fully briefed by us and immediately available. Interesting our clients will often ask for managers we've previously provided.

For any organisation that wants to undertake a major project but has insufficient available staff to effectively manage the project, an interim project manager could provide the solution. Our selection process provides excellence, value and response, ensuring the best fit for our clients needs.

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