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Interim Change Manager

Successful intervention

We don't like change because we feel:

  1. Loss of control
  2. Change in Boundaries
  3. Challenge to our Credibility
  4. Challenge to our Beliefs

Characteristics of successful change interventions:

  • Clear vision of desired end for entire organisation
  • This vision must be integrated into every form of change taking place
  • Integral to the change must be a management commitment to a learning mode - so that learning and doing are equally valued
  • Clear commitment by top leaders by making significant personal investment and an examination of their own effectiveness

There are four stages in preparing people to accept and endorse change:-

  1. Creating a Shared Agenda
  2. Creating a Common Direction
  3. Creating the Capacity
  4. Developing Competence

    Read more about change management from our associate Shelly Rubinstein.

Often organisations managing change find that the best way to ensure success is to appoint an interim management executive with the skills, confidence and experience to manage critical situations. The interim professionals we propose will be 'sensibly overqualified' and have the specialist knowledge appropriate to the assignment.

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