Interim manager

'A successful interim manager has drive,
expertise and proven experience;
plus the ability from day one to hit the ground running.'

Only the most able and professional adopt interim management as a career. These distinctive individuals demand and attract high rewards.
In the past this resource was comprised mainly of men aged fifty and over, who had the financial and personal independence to meet this challenge. Today it attracts very able candidates many in their late thirties and upwards who view the work as rewarding and a challenging career in its own right.

Unfortunately growing competition and increased market expectations makes getting started increasingly difficult.

Our Interim check list may help determine if this career is for you:

  1. Can you demonstrate success in senior management positions, at Board or head of function level? With a history of achievement, verified by first class references.
  2. Are you:
    • Self-motivated, able to contribute quickly and driven to achieve success.
    • Prepared to work anywhere in the UK, perhaps abroad.
    • Qualified, many of our interims have a business degree in addition to technical qualifications.
    • Able to:

Your CV should:

  1. Show the reader what you can do. Keep it simple and easy to read.
  2. Clearly identify your functional expertise, sector experience and qualifications.
  3. Demonstrate an excellent track record of achievement.
  4. Do read our CV tips before submitting!

Interim Registration

If you are a practicing Interim or a manager new to the market please

We cannot guarantee assignments but will deal promptly with enquiries and considered registered candidates for all suitable management assignments.

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An interim manager is self-motivated and contributes quickly