Five day interim management selection process

Getting the right Interim

The key to a successful assignment is to clearly understand your requirements and carefully selects candidates whose capabilities exceed this.

Interim selection process chart Client EnquiryInterim application Prepare and agree interim brief. Identifying qualities, experise and experience required. Define costs, likely duration and location Confidentiality Review managemant expertise and secot experience sector experience and qualifictions Final selection and terms are finalised

Outline of an Interim Brief

  1. Company:
    1. Title
    2. Products and markets; competitors
    3. Size, structure and organisation
    4. Operating locations
    5. Contact
    6. Circumstances leading to interim requirement
    7. Financial and business performance considerations
  2. The Role:
    1. Title
    2. Outline of role
    3. Reporting to:
    4. Responsible for a total staff of, with job titles of those reporting direct
    5. Key tasks / deliverables
    6. Location
    7. Expected duration
    8. Daily rate plus expenses
  3. Interim candidate requirements:
    1. Functional expertise
    2. Sector experience
    3. Characteristics
    4. Qualifications

Interim selection

  1. We normally select 2 candidates for review, having checked references within 72 hours. Our aim being, to provide the combination of ability, drive, knowledge, sensitivity and communication skills required. Note: Clients who know us well have asked us to provide only one candidate.
  2. The selection meeting gives the opportunity to put 'flesh and bones' to your assignment and objectives; the resources and support required; the suitability of the interim and who you would prefer to work with.
  3. Once appointed, we facilitate the successful progress and conclusion of the management assignment.

Within five working days an interim can be on board.