Interim Services

How they are used

Interim management provides resources to:

Fill a temporary management gap due to:

  1. Resignations, sickness or death and dismissals
  2. Planned absence due to vacation, secondment or maternity leave
  3. Recruitment delays
  4. Management or technical skill shortages
  5. Operational problems or increased workload

Project manage:

  1. Profitability improvement - Efficiency and productivity
  2. Business Process Reengineering
  3. Functional projects and one off essential projects requiring full time commitment
  4. Realisation of business opportunities

Help manage change

  1. Business turnarounds
  2. Company start up, merger, acquisition or sale
  3. Restructuring
  4. New methods, processes or services


Answers to some of the questions you frequently ask.

  1. What is the difference between an Interim Manager and a Consultant?
    1. Consultants can provide valuable analysis and advice; implementation is primarily the client's responsibility.
    2. Interim Managers get involved, are hands on, recommend and implement. They have the required expertise and proven experience. They report directly to the company's senior management and 'live or die' by the results they achieve.
  2. How do you select the interim?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Privacy - Confidentiality and Equal Opportunities
  5. Won't it take months for the Interim to contribute to my business?
    1. The Interims we propose will have the required functional expertise and sector experience for the assignment.
    2. They are self-motivated, contribute quickly and driven to achieve success.
  6. What affect will the interim have on my permanent staff?
    1. Due to the temporary nature of the work the interim manager is normally not considerd a threat.
    2. They work as part of the management team and are made welcome because of their skills and experience.
  7. What if we would like to offer the Interim Manager a permanent job?
    1. Very occasionally an Interim Manager will join our Client on a permanent basis. We are happy to make a one off charge tor this transfer.
  8. If they are so talented why are they not doing a permanent job?
    1. They thrive on the challenge, variety and independence that interim management brings.
    2. They have chosen interim management as a dedicated career choice and enjoy its high rewards.
      They often have other business, educational or leisure interests.
  9. What if my Interim Manager is unsatisfactory?
    1. In this unlikely event they will be replaced at no additional cost to the client.
  10. When the job is completed?
    1. There are no termination costs.
    2. Interim managers pride themselves on ensuring a smooth hand over and are happy to provide monitoring services or further assistance if required.

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How interim management services are used
Gaps, projects or change