Interim Sales Presentation - A funny smell

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in life and in business "sh*t happens"!

I once had to give a sales presentation many years ago when I was working in London. I entered a very plush office suite at No 1 London Bridge, views over the Thames and the most plush and immaculate cream carpet on meeting room floor.

I set up my slides and stood up to present my business case to the assembled audience of 10 senior people. It was then that I noticed some prominent brown marks on the carpet and a very bad smell permeating throughout the room. Horror of horrors I then realised that these marks were in fact dog faeces transferring from my right shoe!

Needless to say I found the session totally distracting but what do you do? Anyhow, I chose to ignore the problem and successfully continued with my presentation. This was my ultimate distraction and of course always reminds me that, in life and in business "sh*t happens"!

Don Sherwood

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